A letter to the Friends
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Dear Friends,

As you can see the website is no longer servicing its intended audience. Recent developments, including a Board of Directors refusing to change the way they do things have caused me to break down a website that has serviced many for over 20 years. Three Years ago I was elected President because the previous President made numerous errors, and a tremendous amount of active volunteers left our group( which now sits at 41)

Under the previous leadership:

1. A Vice President was appointed( by the President) who never presided nor attended an event or meeting. However, durrin the setup for the Massacre Event she under the advice of the President changed the entire slate of events causing me to cancel several guests speakers costing us $$ and embarassing our organization, when i approached the President at the time he claimed to never have given her any directives. Thge Board never as directed in the by-laws sent out that a new VP was installed

2 The previous President ordered addtional glass blown products from Phil Gilson without Board approval, but they never paid for these items and he complained when i said we have to pay for this( with Board approval) because i believe the FOHH( the President) did order them  and this needed to be rectified

3. Under the previous President, our Treasurer like our Vice President never presided or attended meetings or events. This caused numerous complaints and questions Because of this lack of attendence the FOHH almost lost their 501c3 under his leadership.( he smirked like it wasnt a big deal) I corrected this matter after giving her several attempts to do her job. She was removed and her position remained open until the November election. 


4. Under the previous Presidents leadership he wanted to conceal our bank accounts specifically from the State of New Jersey( who we service), this is illegal and when pointed out to him he rolled his eyes, fortunately It was never done.

5. I was forced by the Board of Directors to create a Director position for the past president because" then he would still feel he is a member" I did this to appease the Board however it made zero sense in fact I suggested the Board redduce the number of officers and directors and was told I was stupid, a moron and incompetent. We have 42 members and 13 on the Board

6. During my presidency the past president  was rarely to be seen except when he decided to complain about everything he could complin a

7 requested several times a copy of newsletter in a format most people can download since October never sent by recently installed directors thru nepotism

8 Board continues to pay"volunteers" without sending the proper tax forms. Previous President ignored this

9 Sadly this isn't a Board but a senior citizen social group


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