PTHS Day At The Farm June3 10am-2pm
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Dear Friend,

As You can see the website for the Friends has been taken down, according to executive board member D.B. " old people dont go on the internet and use it for anything" email sent to me 10/16 when i requested a copy of a recent unedited newsletter( in MS Word, this was never received by the President by the two people in charge of it) It was sent out with major errors. I mention the errors because then director B.S. complained about editing a letter sent out to membership with a minor error( that was proofread by two directors as ok JP and DT) in it as well. Well they cant have things both ways. Recently Doris Tice a trustee for Preservation Salem County held an event there, Cornelia Hancock Weekend, did anyone see the wonderful wqrite up notifying the public of this event? No because the person who wrote them up was removed, the other did her own write up to the Elmer Times, our publicity person (DB) did nothing. Which is what she basically did the entire time I was Director. She never attended an event, never helped set up, and in fact all she did was send in my news releases. At meetinngs she complained" History is Boring", then i must ask, Why serve on the Board of a Historical Society? later at a meeting she said" this is boring" Well i suggest you leave the Board, this board and the old farts on it need energetic people not card playing decision makers who spend more time undermining the leadership then working towards the goals of it.

The elections held in November were in direct violation of our Bylaws, which states clearly the membership must be notified in writing that an election is coming up, i never received that letter, nor did the 20 members I contacted in reference to it. Thus the elections held and the letter sent out in conjunction with the vote were improper and the inviduals voted in are serving terms in violation of the FOHH by laws, but they want you as members to over look it. THIS WAS BUSINESS AS USUAL PRIOR TO MY TAKING OVER AS PRESIDENT. It was a bunch of elederly teenagers acting like high school children relieving their hormones and gossiping about everyone but themselves.

Secondly in regards to the elections I believe our by laws need to be changed, family members cannot hold any position of office simultaneously this leads to nepotism esp when one was illegally elected to be treasurer when she refused the position during my presidency(and was also the person the revised newsletter was requested from and ignored, I must assume at other peoples direction) I can only safely assume the Newsletter not being sent was directed by her mother another one of the card playing decision makers.


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